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A Link Too Much: The Relationships Split Between D.C. Folk And Arlingtonians

(Updated at 5 p.m.) for many, online dating throughout the river was seemingly a bridge too far.

It’s a familiar refrain for most Arlingtonians: man meets D.C. woman, woman discovers the guy life over the river, girl spirits. Inside phrase of one guy, the lake is considerably a body plus a “Great Potomac Divide.” But after I joked about the technology a week ago, hundreds provided stories on social media marketing of how they’ve come leftover dating sites casual sex adrift — or shamelessly shed schedules by themselves.

D.C. resident Tim tweeted that “everything is perfect” between your a female after happening a dates at a D.C. bar, the Wharf, and Union markets. To date what happened to tear these like wild birds apart?

“She strongly inspired our very own 4th big date be in […] Ballston,” he composed. “We never ever had a 4th day.”

Whenever expected the reason why he’d been ghosted approximately half several times, Sean from Arlington (exactly who questioned us never to use his final name) mentioned he had beenn’t certain.

“To me personally, it’s a few further stops in the Metro range,” he mentioned. “But the Potomac is apparently a psychological boundary.”

In an age of matchmaking applications with location filters — and Metro summer time shutdowns — we hit out to specialist matchmakers to inquire of just how typical this geo-phobia was. Will there be any expect those finding really love during the retrocession of area of Columbia?

“Yes it happens but I don’t find it a bunch,” said expert matchmaker Kate O’Connor, with D.C. office of It’s really Lunch. “Everyone I utilize was serious about relationships and generally are prepared to go that step further. Practically.”

Michelle Jacoby, who operates local firm DC Matchmatching and by herself was raised in Montgomery district, concurred serious place choice aren’t typical but carry out happen. A couple weeks back, certainly her male consumers from Virginia said he performedn’t wish see a female in D.C. with regards to their first big date.

“He was insisting that she started to Virginia,” she said. “only insisting.”

Jacoby mentioned this can be off-putting for females that do not feeling safer traveling to a place they’re unacquainted meet up with a complete stranger on a primary go out, also it’s a motion of courtesy to fulfill their at somewhere she’s more comfortable with.

“You need to get the lady?” Jacoby stated. “Drive just a little more.”

Both mentioned they’ve mainly experienced tight area details with D.C.-based clients, but in addition to difficulties can often be brought on by all of them maybe not having an auto.

‘Ladies never ever choose Arlington regarding guy’

This squares because of the transport woes that a number of D.C. owners mentioned whenever retelling their own reports over social media communications this past month.

“Honestly at any time I meet some one plus they desire a romantic date anyplace but D.C. I just drop or block. It’s impossible that I would like individuals adequate to keep going around,” stated Rosalyn, 34, which stays in Northeast D.C. and requested that the girl final identity not put.

Abby Tannenbaum, 24, provides lived-in Columbia Heights over the past seasons . 5 and says the commute to Arlington is simply too much. She told ARLnow she when have a second big date booked in Arlington “to perform him a favor ever since the travel to D.C. is an activity he usually must perform.”

“we got a $20 Uber here merely to be stood up-and had to simply take a $35 Uber back,” she lamented. Tannenbaum mentioned that taking a trip this length over Metro will often grab near an hour or so.

“Ladies never ever head to Arlington for almost any chap, you’re a lot better than that,” she tweeted after.

However, the responds on Twitter made it clear that Arlingtonians aren’t exempt from eschewing times from the contrary financial in the Potomac, sometimes.

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