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Busting It Down A Total Guide To Everyone Rob Pattinson Dated And Exactly What Took Place Among Them

Since that time Robert Pattinson was the star while the dreamy a vampire named edward in Twilight, therea€™s already been one question on everyonea€™s minds, and that’s a€” will be the swoon-worthy actor one? We indicate, between their adorable characteristics, entertaining spontaneity, spectacular smile and attractive eye, hea€™s literally taken all of our hearts right now. So ita€™s only all-natural that fans tend to be interested in learning his sex life.

Better men, we decided to do a bit of investigating, plus it works out, the actor is clearly an used people! Hea€™s already been cheerfully matchmaking Suki Waterhouse for several months today, and lovers tend to be severely enthusiastic about their own commitment!

Before that, the celebrity dated his Twilight costar Kristen Stewart for pretty much four years, and child, is their particular really love tale an awesome one.

But waiting, exactly how did he and Suki fulfill? Whenever performed they generate activities formal? Exactly what went down between your and Kristen? And which else performed he time? There have been hearsay that Roberta€™s experienced affairs with of Hollywoods greatest performers through the years a€” such as Katy Perry and Nikki Reed a€” so we broke down each and every one for your family. Seize some popcorn and band in because kid, provides it already been a wild drive!

Scroll through our very own gallery to locate every person Robert provides outdated and just what transpired between the two.

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Nina Schubert

A long time before he had been famous, Rob actually outdated his next-door neighbor, a normal female called Nina! They reportedly begun dating back in 2003, to get this a€” they also relocated in together for a time. The pair split in 2006 since Twilight celebrity relatively wished to move to LA to follow his acting job, however the great is actually, theya€™re nevertheless connected!

a€?Rob and Nina was raised with each other a€¦ She had been Roba€™s initially major sweetheart. They only didna€™t exercise between the two because he previously to move to Los Angeles for services. Shea€™s already been through it for your more than someone else these past couple weeks,a€? a resource informed Uk magazine Look in 2012. a€?Ninaa€™s informed him he shouldna€™t make hasty behavior now and he should take-all enough time he demands.a€?

Nikki Reed

During their Twilight many years, some followers started initially to genuinely believe that Rob and Nikki are online dating once they published many pretty pictures together. But Nikki rapidly shut these gossip lower.

a€?we cana€™t winnings,a€? she told Seventeen. a€?A couple weeks ago I found myself as of this occasion, and additionally they stated, a€?You missed Roba€™s birthday celebration, how can you believe?a€™ And that I stated, a€?I called your, ita€™s okay.a€™ And they composed, a€?Shea€™s demonstrably bitter on top of the breakup.a€™ Ia€™m like, just what separation? Rob and I also happened to be never ever with each other.a€?

Kristen Stewart

Folks essentially missing they whenever their favorite Twilight couple fell for every other IRL. Kristen and Rob started online dating in ’09 a€” and man, happened to be they adorable along! The actress even accepted that she wished to wed the lady previous costar! She advised Howard Stern, a€?I wanted toa€¦yeah.a€?

a€?Ia€™m not a brilliant duper traditionalist, but at the same timea€¦ every union Ia€™ve ever before experienced, I was thinking which was they. Ia€™ve not really come the most relaxed individual,a€? she described.

But unfortunately, the happy couple known as they quits in 2013. It actually was rumored that Kristen had an event with Rupert Sanders in 2012, which ultimately triggered their particular problem.

FKA Twigs

Immediately after their separate from Kristen, Rob entered into an union with FKA. They easily turned into few aim a€” continuously walking the red-carpet collectively and gushing over one another interview, and though they never affirmed it by themselves, there are actually states that couples also got involved with 2015! But after almost three years along, the pair amazed the whole world and also known as it quits in 2017.

The performer after opened up about the breakup to Zane Lowe, discussing, a€?That kind of like unmeshing, like whenever youa€™re with someone, your schedules come to be really entwined with just like your friends and family and your system. And then the unmeshing is much like, you have to truly discover a€” I had to truly see exactly who I became. But Ia€™ve constantly known which i will be, but ita€™s simply method of finding which I became in mature situation. Personally I think like Ia€™ve never ever identified my self best.

Dylan Penn

In 2013, fans gone into a frenzy after Rob and Dylan comprise noticed packing in the PDA. Means informed everyone Magazine at that time they were internet dating for several months, however when mirror Fair questioned the design about this, she refused these were actually in a relationship.

a€?Wea€™re simply neighbors,a€? she mentioned. a€?They snap united states in a location in which there had been other people and cropped the picture. Silly. I chuckled about any of it.a€?

Katy Perry

Katy and Robert are close friends for decades, but did products actually ever rotate romantic between them?! Nope! Despite some fans speculating they dated in earlier times, it seems like theya€™re simply BFFs.

Suki Waterhouse

Rob and Suki were initially connected in 2018. At the time, a resource told you Weekly that two movie stars a€?have recognized both and existed each other for quite some time. [They] undoubtedly have a love of songs in accordance and theya€™re both great, good and normal anyone and fun-loving.a€?

Ever since then, romanian wife theya€™ve been identified with each other every now and then, nevertheless they generally keep their particular connection personal. In 2019, Robert explained to The Sunday days, a€?If your allow people in, it devalues just what really love try. If a stranger regarding street requested your regarding the partnership, youa€™d consider it very rude. Any time you post a wall it eventually ends up better. I cana€™t know the way anyone can walk-down the street holding hands, and ita€™s the same as while I do so and numerous men and women are taking their photo. The line between once youa€™re carrying out as soon as youa€™re maybe not will eventually become cleaned away and youa€™ll go entirely upset.a€?

Since will 2020, it came out that they were still heading powerful once the actor informed GQ that he had been quarantined with his girl. Although the guy didna€™t state the girl term, folks easily presumed he was making reference to the product.

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