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Couples with anyone that is HIV-positive and something who’s HIV-negative are occasionally also known as “serodiscordant” or “mixed serostatus”. “Sero-” relates to bloodstream serum. “Serostatus” relates to whether individuals have HIV illness or not. HIV is not the first subject that comes right up whenever most couples starting dating. May very well not understand HIV status of your own spouse. You do not need started tested your self. It may be problematic to talk about HIV position. Discover truth sheet 204 for many some ideas.

Folks in mixed-status interactions face the same points as other couples. But there are a few further problem:

  • The HIV-positive spouse might target maybe not infecting their mate. The HIV-negative spouse may concentrate on caring for the other person. This could result in a life threatening decreased balance during the union.
  • HIV can result in alterations in one’s body (read fact piece 553.) Anti-HIV medicines might have annoying negative effects. This may give the HIV-positive mate unfavorable thoughts about their looks as well as their fitness. It could be tough to become attractive and just have an ordinary romantic relationship.
  • Fear of transferring HIV causes too much care. This may also quit all sex. Review listed here truth sheets:
    • 150: preventing the spread out of HIV
    • 151: Much Safer Gender Recommendations
    • 152: How Dangerous Is-it?

Just be sure to posses open discussions regarding the desires, your own fears, plus limits. Agree with methods of sexual appearance that fit making use of the degree of issues you may be comfortable with. Talking to a sexual or relationship counselor might help.


Antiviral medication (antiretroviral therapy or artwork) control HIV disease very well. Reality piece 403 have additional information on ART.The very good news about getting artwork is actually how well it functions. There’s absolutely no remedy for AIDS and artwork won’t eradicate HIV problems, nonetheless it can help you stay a complete, healthy lifetime.

ways may allow it to be most unlikely that you go HIV disease to your lover. Should you decide uphold an undetectable widespread weight (discover reality layer 125,) odds are good you won’t move your own HIV infection towards lover.

But there are numerous issues to consider:

  • You have to bring ART most regularly for this to get results. Reality sheet 405 keeps more information on adherence to cures.
  • An “undetectable” viral weight does not mean zero. It indicates there is not adequate HIV inside bloodstream sample to display through to the test.
  • The viral weight examination actions trojan inside the bloodstream. It cann’t tell you about trojan in sexual liquids (sperm or vaginal water.)
  • The viral burden test consequences was actually for as soon as your test was used, not nowadays. Viral load can change easily, particularly if you become ill with a cold or flu, or when you get vaccinated.

Despite all these cautions, it is also rare for anyone who’s using ART and has an undetectable viral weight to infect somebody.


It really is unusual for a partner with an invisible viral load to send HIV. However, it still makes sense to capture higher strategies such as using a condom (see fact sheet 153.) Condoms are amazing at steering clear of the spread out of HIV. They must be applied precisely, every time you make love. When you can get used to using condoms, possible loosen up and luxuriate in yourselves more during sex.


  • Possibility is leaner in the event the contaminated partner is having antiretroviral drugs (ART, see reality sheet meetme login 403.)
  • If yes, simply take every planned amount of medicines.
  • Refrain sexual activity during any issues: a sexually transmitted disease, and sometimes even a cooler or flu virus.
  • Refrain sexual activity within a couple of weeks after obtaining any vaccinations.

IF YOU SHOULD BE CONFRONTED WITH HIV . . . If a condom breaks, or if you disregard to utilize one, anti-HIV drugs might avoid indication.

Confer with your medical practitioner about PEP, “Post-Exposure Prophylaxis” (See truth piece 156.) This has not even been proven in order to prevent indication between intercourse couples. Don’t simply grab many dosages of partner’s prescription! Which may never be suitable treatment. For PEP to work, it has to be started quickly after exposure to HIV. Reveal PEP with your physician in advance so that you will know what your choices is when things takes place that reveals the unfavorable partner to HIV.


Present research has revealed that it’s feasible to “wash” the semen of an HIV-infected people so that it enables you to fertilize a female and produce a healthier kids. These methods work well but extremely expensive. A recently available expense quote was about $10,000, and health care insurance will maybe not cover the fee. It could be hard to find somewhere to have semen cleansing done.


With no treatment, up to 35percent of expecting mothers with HIV can move the problems on their newborns. With proper treatment, the risk of moving HIV to babies falls to 2per cent (discover truth layer 611.)

Artificial insemination, straightforward procedure, places the man’s semen into the woman’s pussy. This permits pregnancy without revealing the person to HIV.

If a female with HIV gets pregnant, she should always be cautious to remain healthy while pregnant. Make sure to talk about pregnancy together with your health care provider, ideally before pregnancy. The supplier will help you with the therapy you’ll want to lower the possibility your baby can be contaminated. Also, prevent breastfeeding a new baby. This will probably transfer HIV. Reality sheet 611 keeps more information on maternity for HIV-positive lady.

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