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What’s considerably, even although you have actually a Flex mortgage provision, it might not become a long-term element of your credit card. Citi will make the deal open to you “from time to time”.

The next advantage could be the most significant.

A set installment build

One of the leading disadvantages of charge cards is the revolving characteristics. If you don’t possess control to pay your balance off entirely monthly, you are likely to carry an equilibrium – forever.

With the Flex Loan, you can make an order, and limit the label to as few as one year.

That’ll push that pay-off at least section of balance on a fixed schedule, in place of allowing it to move forth for decades.

No origination fees or credit check

An additional benefit of a Citi Flex financing usually there are not any origination fees.

Assuming you are taking a $10,000 consumer loan, with a 6percent origination cost, you’ll wages the full $600 for any fee.

Not just that, nevertheless the origination charge is going to be subtracted from your own amount borrowed.

In the place of getting $10,000, you’ll obtain merely $9,400. That will not quite enough for several that you would like related to the non-public financing.

There are also no application charge with no credit check involved when you access your own Citi Flex mortgage.

Since you’re already a Citi buyer, with an approved borrowing limit, you can simply access the loan when you decide to.

Just How Citi Flex Financing Might Not Do The Job

Though Citi Flex debts brings another choice to your bank card account, there are restrictions you need to be alert to.

Mortgage proportions might limited

The minimum amount borrowed was $500.

Maximum amount borrowed is your credit limit (unless the Flex Loan optimum has become ready at a lesser level by lender).

The Citi Flex Loan can’t be used your current outstanding stability because of, perhaps in an attempt to become a lower interest or arranged the clear reward phrase.

Any exceptional balance on one or maybe more of the notes must be settled in line with the initial terminology.

The rate of interest things many

Though it might lower than your routine Citi mastercard rate, it might be raised above what you will pay money for a normal personal bank loan, particularly when your evaluate they to the top online unsecured loans readily available.

You are probably gonna pay significantly less in interest if you simply sent applications for a frequent personal bank loan.

Maybe not a qualified financing option

The Flex financing does not represent the expansion of added credit.

Should your credit card limitation is actually $10,000, and you’re granted a Flex mortgage supply, it won’t increase the amount of the financing restrict.

It just gives you the capacity to categorize a number of your outstanding stability as a fixed-rate financing, instead revolving debt.

The Flex mortgage are on your account for some time, subsequently getting taken.

Citi has not indicated that it’ll end up being a permanent element of any profile, but alternatively one which can be offered “from time to time”.

Which makes it more of a promotional give than a continuous profit, very similar to the ways creditors from time to time promote a temporarily low rate on latest buys and transfers of balance.


A Citi Flex financing offers the capability to access their borrowing limit under considerably controlled situations.

If you have a major purchase or a necessity for resources on a temporary factor, you have access to the Flex Loan portion of your own borrowing limit, and pay it off within 12 months.

More often than not, the interest rate from the Flex financing should be below their typical mastercard rate.

By doing so, it will probably be a limited-use ability in very certain scenarios. But correctly given that it gets rid of the revolving part of credit cards, it won’t be nearly as versatile.

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